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Phylas’ Journal

8th of Hammer

I’ve decided to begin recording the undertakings of our adventuring company, The Stonelanders, for posterity. Or for my own edification. Or whatever. We’ve been together for a while now. Sometimes I miss the Twilight Hall in Berdusk; life was quieter then.

Life is less quiet now. We’ve been commissioned by a shopkeeper, Elhazir, to bring him back a wyvern’s head. Wyverns are dangerous, so I suppose we’re doing a service to Cormyr writ large by killing it, but I’m inevitably worried. I mean, a wyvern? And apparently he wants it to make a bathtub for a client.


Our adventuring company isn’t very big, it’s just me, a ranger, a monk, and a druid. The ranger, Grim, is a bit of an enigma. He used to be a bounty hunter. I guess he still is, in his own way. Not entirely sure why he is with us. Fame? Treasure? An expansion of his quarry-base? I wonder if he really cares about anything, or anyone.

The druid is occasionally vexing, but reasonable enough. Henry. Or, Hank. And his tiger, Sara. Halflings are awfully tiny, but he’s still capable of packing a punch. Which brings us to Milo, the monk. He’s a curious sort of fellow. Seems more interested in the martial capabilities of his field than the discipline and aestheticism. He tries, and he’s reasonably street smart, I guess, but heavens know he’s about as thick as a brick. The upside, at least, is that I never need to worry about him getting hold of this and reading it.

We’ve been on the road for a few days out of Arabel now heading towards the mountains where we believe the wyvern is staying. Can’t say I care for camping, but it is what it is. The upside is that the night sky is far easier to see once you’re away from the city.

9th of Hammer

Arrived at the cave. The weather is bitterly cold, but that is to be expected, as we are in the mountains and it is winter. Have calmed down some since my last entry and the day’s events.

We entered the cave and came out into a square room with a magical pillar. I can’t read the runes on it, which is unfortunate, but they are magical. The masonry appears to be dwarven, which lends some credence to the old legends about ancient dwarf kingdoms up in these mountains.

Had some run-ins with some terrible flying things. They caused us no end of trouble until we retreated and they disappeared. Good riddance. Filthy, horrible buggers.

Further exploration yielded some natural caverns and a vein of a mineral we may need to come back for. After that it was webs webs webs. Why is it always spiders? The gods must have a cruel sense of humor to inflict such horrific monsters on us. We burned their webs and followed after that, but we found they’d been slain. Deep gashes. Apparently demonic. Very unusual. Good. Riddance.

Very sad sight after that. Another large, natural cavern, but this time with an old altar and a bunch of skeletons around it. Flag nearby of an old, dead god, Moander. Gives credence to the rumors that there are cults in the mountains trying to resurrect him. Alarming. Party uninterested in going near the altar. Poor souls.

Discovered a smuggler’s den after that. Appears to be a high-level operation: official wax and seals, the works. Crates and barrels of stuff. Looks like they’re equipping a small army, or some slavers. Portals to different, far-off cities. Alarming.

Went back to explore the caverns again. Noticed some valuables on the skeletons near the altar. Party suddenly interested in going near the altar. Ranger very kindly attracted the attention of a wraith, and then fled to leave us to deal with it. Screams of the tortured souls were horrible, but we overcame it and—hopefully—put it to rest. Valuables on the skeletons. Feels a bit like grave-robbing, but we can put the stuff to better use than them. Hopefully will get to bury them soon. Had to rest after this, as the party was worn out.

10th of Hammer

Still resting. Druid said something about re-communing with nature to improve his spell-casting. Told him he should try worshiping a god instead of a bunch of trees and maybe his spells would be better. Had to hastily insist I was joking, as he did not take it well. Started talking to his tiger. About me, I think. I heard the words “poncy git” and “irritating”.

Missing the Twilight Hall.

11th of Hammer

Victory! Praise the heavens, we have been successful in our quest. I should be more specific. Resumed searching the caverns. Found the wyvern. Horrifying to behold, frankly. It appeared to be half-fiendish. There were two small demons with it. It clearly has a demonic origin. Hopefully this won’t come back to bite us…

But I digress. We engaged the wyvern. Milo was amazing. I believe at one point he actually jumped up and punched the wyvern out of the air. It was all a blur. Apparently I prophesied the wyvern’s doom during the fight, which unnerved and distracted it considerably. I am told it was a very impressive prophecy.

In related news, it came true, which is good. I imagine I really would’ve looked like a poncy git if it hadn’t. To be fair, probably wouldn’t be around to look like a git if I’d been wrong.

Grim managed to slip on the ice and slide down into another cavern during the fight. Regrettable, but Milo was pretty much dueling the wyvern single-handedly anyway. Went down to find Grim after the wyvern had fallen, and we found the body of a man half-stuck in the ice. Recognized his shield as having a noble crest on it. Took the shield to return to its family; let Grim keep the rest of his gear. More grave-robbing, but we will put it to better use.

It seems the demons were keeping a horde of things, which was kind of them. Horde of treasure regrettably located near wyvern’s refuse pile. Smell was horrific. Yielded some treasure, such as it were, and a couple of useful magical items. More treasure means more books, so this is good news. Perhaps someday I’ll have enough money to build my own library.

Also a bathtub. But not of a wyvern skull. Honestly, that is just tacky.

I nearly forgot: MORE spiders. Yes. More. It was terrible, and that is all I have to say on that.



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