The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal III

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

23rd of Hammer

Headed back towards Arabel, but Katernin’s scouts and Grim managed to pick-up the trail of the smugglers. Discovered a campsite of theirs, so sent some of the soldiers back to Arabel with the goods we recovered while we continue on in pursuit. Vestele is coming with us, thankfully. Am not sure could put up with the unending war stories of these soldiers otherwise.

24th of Hammer

Things have been better. Two of the soldiers with us are dead. Camp was attacked by five dire bears tonight. Battle was horrible. I managed to keep one of them enthralled, which helped, I think. Not sure it has impressed Katernin or improved her opinion of me, though.

Feel terrible for the two soldiers who died, but at least the remaining soldiers got their vengeance on some of the dire bears. Henry was a nuisance during the battle. Can understand the druidic devotion to life, but not when mine own is at stake. Said some words over the fallen soldiers. Hope they helped.

At least the bears weren’t spiders.

25th of Hammer

Have set off in pursuit of the smugglers again. Nearly forgot to mention important developments from yesterday. Had a dream about us approaching a wide cavern in a snowy valley. Sense of foreboding and impending doom. Most unnerving. Have refrained from telling Katernin, as feel she will just make fun of me. Am not too fond of her.

Henry insisted on saving one of bears yesterday. (Who names a hafling Henry? Must have had very curious parents.) He talked to it, and found out that some monsters (“Dead Jaws” and “Fireworm”) were responsible for driving them out of the hills. Katernin said this corroborated reports she had been receiving of similar stories elsewhere. Suspect we are going to get roped into dealing with them after we take care of these smugglers, but that would be a good service to provide.

Forgot to mention that I have successfully ascended beyond the need for material refreshment. It is a bit odd to need only a few hours of sleep every day, and never to get hungry or thirsty, but it has allowed me more time to study the heavens and read my books, which is nice. Vestele seems jealous. Told him he just needed to kill his own wyvern and buy a ring for himself.

Always thought I was the charismatic sort, but my jokes do not seem to go over well.

26th of Hammer

Must write quickly. Followed the smugglers’ tracks to the cavern I saw in my dream. Friends willing to listen to my dream; Katernin less responsive. Managed to convince her not to enter the cave, while we went off in search of another entrance. Have found one. About to go in. One of the soldiers mentioned seeing ancient dwarven ruins in the area. Hopefully we do not run into too many goblins…



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