The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal IX

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal IX

29th of Ches

Daily Spider Count: Zero.

Managed to catch one of the two ambushers. She is presently, uh, tied up. It seems they were an adventuring company called the Nightblades. Will turn this one over to the authorities.

Gorstag and Septimus have gone back to Arabel to bring back a cart so that we can haul all this stuff away. Have left me here, at Barrenstone, with Joy. Slightly awkward, as Joy and I do not have much to talk about. Also awkward because Joy talks to her new sword, Imp, but not to me…

On the upside, there is a library here, so I have plenty to do.

3rd of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: Still zero! Hooray!

Septimus and Gorstag returned yesterday. This was good news, of course. The chance to do some uninterrupted reading was nice, but it’s a bit creepy, being here…

Anyway, we managed to get into the final room. And lo, Adzerak was there. Something went wrong when he became a lich; he was deteriorating, and kept muttering about needing to protect his books. We got the idea to help him offer his books to Deneir for safe-keeping. It took a while, but we hauled all his books over to his chapel. Thereafter it seems Deneir himself came down to take Adzerak back up.

We do a lot of hack ‘n slash sometimes, it seems, so it was nice to be able to facilitate someone’s redemption. Poor Adzerak, he seemed like such a nice, but tragic, old man. But he’s with Deneir now, so that’s clearly a good thing. He did warn us, though, about someone who would come looking for us. Not sure what he meant, but maybe this is related to the dream I had before we got here…

4th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: Zero-tastic.

Arrived back in Arabel today. When Gorstag and Septimus went back to Arabel, they received an invitation from Baron Thistle, the Registrant General who oversees adventuring companies in Cormyr. It seems he’s throwing a party for King Azoun’s birthday, and a bunch of adventuring companies are invited.

The party is on Greengrass, so we have a few weeks to kill, and no work lined up at the moment. This is good news, since it will give us time to sort out our financial affairs.

Also, the party is in Suzail, so I think I may head there early to visit my old Temple.

7th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: Three. All small. Not terrible.

I’ve hired a foreman to oversee the repairs and expansions that my estate is going to require to make it livable. Everyone else is here in Arabel, taking care of business, so I am going to head to the estate to make sure construction gets underway.

I have decided to name it Constellation Manor. Hopefully soon I will be able to found my Order, and break ground on a temple.

9th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: So. Many.

We went in the old manor house and there were cobwebs everywhere. Did not want to show weakness in front of, you know, anyone really, so I admirably brushed them away when necessary. Of course, where there are cobwebs…


The foreman seems nice enough. To be fair, with the amount of money we are paying him, he had better be.

11th of Tarsakh

Daily spider count: None! Hooray!

Returned to Arabel. It seems Septimus has, um, been magically enhanced? I leave for a few days and all of a sudden he’s going on about how much stronger he is. It seems Gorstag made him a magical belt… In related news, have asked Gorstag if he can make anything to make me more attractive.

Gorstag said that yes, he could, and I said no, see, I was joking, because that isn’t possible. He said no, it is, and your jokes aren’t that funny.

Was way harsh. Then he laughed, and said he was kidding. Breathed a sigh of relief.

Also, you should see Septimus in his new armor. A full-plate set of mithral! He is like a sparkly mountain. Have refrained from using the “sparkly” descriptor, as suspect he may not appreciate it. Downside: will probably make us very easy to spot.

18th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: I dunno, a few here, a few there.

Have been managing finances and studying a book left behind by Deneir. Will be leaving soon for Suzail. Not much else to report. Things are quiet. Quiet isn’t bad, though.

20th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: None!

Commissioned a new outfit for the party. Clearly, this is important. Must look excellent!

Actually, it is the robe I will be using for my Order. It was expensive, but worth it. Based it on standard clerical vestments; it is a deep blue, with silver stitching. Simple, but elegant. Restrained. A sun is stitched towards the bottom of the right-hand sleeve in gold thread, and there is a moon in silver thread on the other sleeve. I had them stitch in the symbol of the Order in gold and silver thread (a half-sun and half-moon, joined with three stars) on the chest.

It is very nice, if I do say so myself.

Which I do say, since… that is what this journal is…

28th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: None lately.

Arrived in Suzail this morning. Took my horse, Sam, and hooked up with a caravan heading there, about a week ago.

Came to the Temple of Lathander here, where I grew up. It was nice to see so many familiar faces, my old teachers, and the like. Got to see Gerard, my old mentor. He is very kind, of course, and is letting me stay here at the Temple. He wants to meet my new adventuring company once they are in town.

We talked at length; it was nice to catch up. Hopefully he will be able to attend the dedication of the temple I want to build for the Order.

More importantly, though: he told me of a prophecy. Apparently, before I left for Berdusk, I prophesied something. This was years ago. Seems a bit odd that he kept this from me for so long, but, then, I doubt I would have been able to do anything with the knowledge before now. Here it is:

On A Shadow’s Spring Eve / All Fate Shall Be Lost / When The Son (Sun?) Of Black Rises / This House Shall Fall / As He Who Is Hidden Speaks Once More / Let Mortals and Gods Despair

He doesn’t know what it means. He said he even went to Candlekeep to research it. He suspects the first line is a reference to the Year of Shadows, but otherwise, who knows? This is troubling. Not sure where to begin, really, but this is something my attention should be turned towards now, I suppose.

In the meantime, the party is in a few days. Hopefully it will be fun, a nice diversion for a spell. Who knows, maybe the King will be there, and I’ll get to meet him!

Until then, it’ll be nice to spend some time here at the temple. Danath isn’t here, which is a bit odd. I asked, and was told that he took a position up north, outside of Cormyr.

Ah well, I have other things to contemplate now. Will record more after the party.



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