The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal V

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal

28th of Alturiak

We’ve arrived back at the cave of “Fireworm.” There is a large contingent of Cormyrean troops outside the smugglers’ cave, apparently laying siege to it. The whole operation looks over our heads, so we’ve avoided it.

The cave of Fireworm (and perhaps Deadjaws?) is ahead. Time to get some revenge, and lay some souls to rest.

Maybe I should put up a memorial to Milo, and Henry, and Grim. I’ll have to think about it.

29th of Alturiak

When we entered the caves, or at least when we got closer to where I had last seen Fireworm, we could hear the thunderous crashes of battle. When we saw what it was… well, it was a little terrifying. The remorhaz was battling a dracolich. I’ve seen a lot of things in my short years, but this was definitely one of the most unusual. I think we can safely assume the dracolich was “Deadjaws”.

The dracolich managed to trap the remorhaz in ice, and it turned its attention to us. The battle was fierce, but we prevailed. There were some grueling moments, but the dracolich was defeated. We turned our attention to the remorhaz, but by that point it was practically trivial, paralyzed, as it was, by the dracolich.

Hopefully this will give Milo and Grim some peace.

We’ve explored a great deal of the other caverns and rooms in here, too. The dracolich had a significant horde. There seemed to be a fair amount of equipment from another adventuring party, but we found no signs of them. Presumably, ah, they met a gruesome end. I’ve said some prayers for them.

The rest of these caves have been oddly empty. I guess the dracolich and the remorhaz drove out the other occupants. We’ve found more ancient dwarven caverns, but they’ve clearly been long-since abandoned.

2nd of Ches

We’re returning to Arabel now. We spent the night in the caves, and did some more exploring after that. Several secret doors revealed some… unusual features. We found a vampire, but she appeared to be behind a wall of force, or something, as our attacks kept bouncing back. Eventually we decided to simply move on. She kept insisting to us that she was trapped.

Well, that’s not so bad. I mean, trapped vampires? Better dead, but trapped works, too.

We also stumbled upon what appeared to be the crypt of three dwarven kings. There was a fair amount of treasure, not to mention weapons and armor. I explicitly warned them against plundering the tomb, but neither Joy nor Septimus would listen. Shortly after removing a sword, a ghost was summoned.


We managed to defeat the ghost, and I replaced the sword. Joy seems… unreceptive… to my leadership of the group. Today, though, Septimus apologized. Told me he would be deferring to my leadership from now on. This was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Hopefully there will be no more ill-advised tomb-robbing.

8th of Ches

The ride back to Arabel was largely uneventful. And by “largely uneventful”, I mean the sorceress with us disappeared about two days ago. Poof! Just like that. Except, without the poof. I’ve no idea what happened to her. Left her horse behind, too. It was very odd.

The Stonelanders need another arcane spellcaster.

9th of Ches

I have a meeting with the Baron today. I thought I ought to tell him that Fireworm and Deadjaws had been dealt with. He seemed appreciative, but I imagine it was a minor nuisance for him. He doesn’t have more work for us. I had hoped that doing this would help restore the name of the Stonelanders to him, but I’m not sure it has.

I commissioned an Aspergillium of Perpetual Benediction at the Temple of Tymora yesterday when we arrived, which was ready this morning. I’m excited about it.

It’s odd, actually, but the aspergillium makes me miss my time at the Temple of Lathander. The regimen, the prayers, the orderly nature of the life there. Adventuring doesn’t lend itself well to studying the cosmos, or understanding the gods, or the heavens, or the stars. I mean, I suppose it does, in its own way, but… well, anyway, there it is.

I put out a notice that we needed an arcane spellcaster to join the Stonelanders. I was surprised by the rapidity of the response.

Gorstag Greycastle is his name. He’s a half-drow, which is unusual. It doesn’t bother me; I’m used to people looking at me a bit oddly, and I assume he is, too. He’s a War Wizard, though. I assume this is good news, since it means he’s got at least some power and experience, but I’m not sure how his position will interfere with the group yet. I guess we’ll find out.

10th of Ches

Rumors have trickled down from the north about an adventuring company that discovered a treasure horde. They were apparently chased away from it by a many-eyed beast, but the priest of Gond with the adventurers took a sword. His behavior got strange, and he vanished. Apparently, the adventuring company has also been vanishing, one at a time.

To be honest, we don’t have anything else to do, so we’re going to go north to investigate.

14th of Ches

We’ve arrived at Halfhap. This is the border of Cormyr, so I expect our travels north to Tilver’s Gap to be more eventful.

I have been thinking more about my time at the Temple of Lathander lately, as well as my new position as leader of the Stonelanders. Adventuring with Milo, Henry, and Grim was exciting, and dangerous, and it definitely helped me grow into my powers, but it never had a clear direction.

I have begun to give consideration to the foundation of a religious order. If the Stonelanders need direction, then I ought to be giving it.

15th of Ches

I was right about the road after Halfhap being more eventful. We came across a young human woman fleeing a group of five gnolls riding winter worgs. We intervened, and managed to defeat them.

She has, in fact, just approached me. Back shortly.

Well, that was unexpected. As I was saying, we intervened and saved her life. She was appreciative, but she was clearly hiding something. She gave us her name as “Lyneth”, but even that seemed to be a lie. She must have been at least somewhat appreciative, as she just propositioned me.

I mean, really! Maybe if she was a guy, but- no, that’s really not the point here. I directed her to Septimus. I assume he is, presently, pumping her for information.

Something is odd about her, but she won’t tell us anything. We’re accompanying her to Tilver’s Gap, but I doubt we’ll get anything out of her there.

16th of Ches

We’ve arrived at Tilver’s Gap. I’ve had more time to think, of course. The rest of the ride was uneventful. I probably drift off more than I ought, but oh well.

I’ve heard tales of Candlekeep, the greatest library in the land. I mean, who hasn’t, really? A great repository of knowledge. But why not a repository of prophecy? I think, perhaps, that is my direction.

At least, in the future. For now, we have disappearances to investigate. I’ve learned that townspeople here have begun to disappear, too. I think my companions are hoping to trace the adventuring company back to the treasure hoard where this story began, but for now we have a town to help.

I’ve also heard some talk of a possible massing of orc forces for an assault on Tilver’s Gap. This isn’t the most, ah, comfortable of towns, but I guess that means they need our help all the more? Perhaps we are meant to stay here for a spell. I cannot tell. I’ve not had any portents of the future lately; everything is clouded.



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