The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal VI

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal

17th of Ches

The stench is overwhelming.

Over. Whelming.

I suppose this is to be expected. Tilver’s Gap is apparently a small town built in the ruins of a much larger city, which means ancient sewers. Regrettably, our only lead to chase down the adventuring company and investigate the disappearances involved going into these sewers.

We found them of course, and their attendant smell. It is ghastly. Truly, remarkably, ghastly. I suspect that Gorstag did not anticipate that his first adventure with the Stonelanders would involve wading around in the stagnant—ahem—waste of ancient generations, but there it is.

We immediately encountered scores and scores of ghouls. It appears the town has a serious undead problem they didn’t seem particularly aware of. At least some of them were eating what I assume were the remains of some of the disappearing townsfolk. Ghastly.

I need to use another word other than ghastly, I think.

An unusual dragon roar sent the ghouls fleeing. More on this anon. Further exploration yielded very little, aside from two small caches that someone had obviously hidden. One of them contained a scrollcase marked with Bane’s sign: we have not opened it yet, as I explicitly warned against it at the time. The cursed priest (at least, I assume it was him) made an appearance: he attacked Gorstag before dancing away into the darkness.

Given the general state of the sewer (that is, overrun with undead, apparently), we pressed forward more cautiously.

We encountered a group of rust monsters and a few zombies not long after that. Nasty creatures, these rust monsters. We mostly managed to deal with them, although we certainly can’t take credit for killing all of them.

The dragon roar was repeated, and, after investigation, we discovered that it was, well… I’m not exactly sure. It appeared to be like a dragon, but it had aspects of basilisk monster to it, so I can only assume it was a dracolisk. I was terribly worried someone would get petrified, but it seems the gods were on our side (at least for now), and we managed to bring it down.

Gorstag and I had basically exhausted our power by that point and desperately needed a rest, so here we are, smelling like the rot of a thousand centuries, and trying to get some sleep.

On the upside, although I occasionally get some odd looks when people realize I have a tendency to float above the ground, it has come in handy in the sewer.

I still think I need to take a bath for five or six days, though.

18th of Ches

We seem to have stumbled into a veritable mess.

We returned to the sewers today to continue our investigation into the cursed priest. We had seen him, after all.

Further exploration of the sewers took us into something that seemed, well, entirely unlike a sewer. We then engaged in a protracted and stressful combat with a number of zombies, skeletons, and specters. It was not pretty. We eventually managed to get the situation under control (this, notably, after a group of zombies attempted to throw Septimus down an enormous pit).

A brief side note: though it is usually my job to either a) stand around and look pretty or b) keep my fellow group members healed up, the presence of undead occasionally affords me an opportunity to blast something into pieces myself.

It is refreshing.

Not that I enjoy killing, of course. That would be vulgar. But, you know, obliterating an evil undead creature? It’s very satisfying. Reminds me of my time at the Temple of Lathander, really, since they are so dedicated to such endeavors…

On the upside, have not had to deal with any terrifying spiders the size of houses lately, so there is that. I’ll take hordes of undead any day of the month over a monstrous spider (or two, or three, or four, or okay I need to stop I’m grossing myself out).

Anyway, given that we were all nearly killed, I should probably be less cavalier in recording what happened. It was, I assure you, extremely stressful at the time. Shortly after we managed to get the situation under control (so we thought), a vampire strode into the cavern and hit us with an enormous fireball. This, as I said, nearly killed everyone.

Fortunately, Gorstag has a charming Feather Fall spell, so I grabbed everyone, shouted, “Shazam!” (in the classiest way possible, of course) and we teleported far up into the air over the town and floated gracefully back down.

The vampire said a number of things (in a most unusual accent that I did not recognize) about this being “his domain” and something about how everyone who challenged his power died or something. Was not really paying much attention, as was slightly busy getting hit with an enormous fireball that nearly killed me.

Not sure what to do next. I have felt my connection to the heavens, my inquiries into the power of the Divine, increase my powers significantly over the past few days. There appears to be a very serious problem underneath Tilver’s Gap, though, and I am not sure we will be able to handle it, even with the expansion of my power…



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