The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal X

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal X

30th of Tarsakh

Daily Spider Count: None worth mentioning.

Everyone else arrived today. Gerard has graciously allowed us to stay here at the Temple for the night. Seemed please to meet my new adventuring companions, and thoroughly amused by Imp.

The party at Thistleflame Keep is tomorrow. Should be fun.


Daily Spider Count: I should hope none, as we’re in a noble’s keep!

Well, the night has finally wound down. It has been a long day. There was mingling and socializing; the nobles here in the capital seem to take a dim view of adventurers, but I like to hope I won a few over with my charm and stunning good looks. I exaggerate slightly for effect.

I suspect that my efforts and social graces were undone by the inevitable social bungling of my compatriots. They try, but… Ah well.

Anyway, I got to meet the King, which was spiffy. I wished him a happy birthday. You hear all these things about Azoun, so it was interesting to see in person. And yes, I’d tap that. Wait, what?

After that was dinner. Food was extravagant. Sat near a bard named Mendryll and an excruciating noble named Lord Mournsoul. The bard seems nice enough, but all Mournsoul does is go on and on and on about how terrible life and love are, or something. Honestly, I tried to avoid talking to him. Were also seated near an adventuring company called the She-Wolves. They seemed nice, and pretty, which Gorstag inevitably capitalized on. More on this anon.

After dinner was the oath-swearing ceremony, and then the aforementioned Mendryll provided entertainment. He was quite good, though he managed to anger a Sembian adventuring company with some, ah, slightly unkind remarks about Sembians.

After that we headed off to the Bubbling Bulwark, and intercepted the same Sembians attempting to kill poor Mendryll. I suppose this is what happens if you are a loud-mouthed bard. He seems nice enough, though, and now he owes us… well, his life, I suppose, so that is good. I mean, not good that he got into a scrape, but it’s never bad to have someone owe you a favor.

The Bulwark was entertaining; there was plenty of drinking, and Gorstag… well, he is off with Brianna of the She-Wolves, I believe. I am back in the manor now; I suspect I ought to get some rest soon, th-

[the journal is interrupted, with a scrawl of ink across the page]

Well! Now that is a long story, and I am le tired, but here we go. When I was writing, earlier (you may see above for the interruption, which has caused that unsightly mark on the page), some armed men barged in to inform us that Lord Thistle had been murdered and that we were all suspects, etc..

Our names were essentially cleared because of our association with Gorstag; it appears having a War Wizard around is sometimes helpful. We were commissioned to help with the investigation after that. It took us a while, but we managed to piece together the story.

The Emerald Swords, another adventuring company, brought in a doppelganger and replaced Lord Thistle. They ended up killing off the doppelganger when he stopped cooperating, and we ended up finding Lord Thistle alive. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that everything is okay now, though I fear we may come out of this party having earned the permanent enmity of some Sembians and these Emerald Swords.

On the upside, Lord Thistle was exceedingly grateful, and has rewarded us for our service, first with gold, and secondly with what he called the Seal of Iron, the confusingly-named medallion made of bronze that apparently makes its wearer fearless.

I am tired. Methinks it is time for bed.

1st of Mirtul

Daily Spider Count: None.

We departed Suzail today. I said goodbye to Gerard and the others at the Temple on the way out of the city and now we are encamped for some sleep. We are heading back to Constellation Estate; by the time we get there, the repairs and expansions should be done, which is nice.

Before we left, I asked Mendryll (see previous entry) if he could help us identify Deathsend, the dagger we recovered from Adzerak’s lair, and the Seal of Iron. Deathsend seemed most unusual, and the Seal of Iron is actually emblazoned with the Cormyrean royal seal, so I wondered if there was more to them than met the eye.

And how! Mendryll was shocked and seemed amused that we had no idea what we now had. Apparently they are two of the fabled “Four from Cormyr”, a set of four magical items commissioned for the royal family and lost quite some time ago. The other two are Fireblood, a gem, and Silveredge, a sword. The recovery of all four would make a fine gift to King Azoun, and presumably merit a handsome reward. Septimus has, of late, expressed his desire to become a knight of the realm; I am certain the recovery of the Four could be parlayed into such a promotion.

Mendryll also informed us that recovering all four would be worthy of making into a great song, which is slightly embarrassing. He said that Fireblood and Silveredge hadn’t been heard of in at least a hundred years, but that they were last seen in the eastern part of the kingdom, near the Thunder Peaks. He also informed us of a troubling story coming from that direction about the “Mad Witch of Archendale”. Apparently her keep was totally destroyed, and she was found going on about a Black Star, or something.

We don’t really have much else to do, and since the rumor seems to be in the same direction as the last known location of the other two from Cormyr, it can’t hurt to head that direction. Plus, Gorstag is from Highmoon, which is just over the Thunder Peaks, so he may welcome the chance to go home.

8th of Mirtul

Daily Spider Count: Mercifully, none.

Have arrived at Constellation Manor. Am pleased with the repairs and expansions. Need to find some, uh, reliable staff for it now. This could take some time, so am putting out a call through my contacts.

Have some financial business to take care of in Arabel, so we’ll be heading back there for a bit. Some downtime seems nice, given how eventful the past few weeks have been



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