The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal XIV

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal XIV

30th of Mirtul

DSC: None. Hooray!

Much to report.

We waited around, and sure enough, a War Wizard arrived and sealed the portal at Fort Gurzoth for us. This is of course good news, everyone. After that, we set off in search of the Grinding Gulf; Alazar had already given us a rough map to the place, and it wasn’t that far off. We camped high up on the ridge that night, deciding to venture forth in the morning, after Gorstag and I had a chance to rest.

And lo!, but during the night I had the most unusual dream. I was wandering through a forest, surrounded by plants I didn’t recognize. After traveling for a long time, I came upon a clearing. In the center was a ring of seven broken pillars, covered in silver ivy. After clearing away the undergrowth in the center, I came upon a font, still full of water. I reached into it, pulled out a moonstone set with electrum and mithril in the pattern of Sehanine Moonbow’s holy symbol.

After that, I saw one of the most beautiful elves I’ve ever seen; I assume it was Sehanine Moonbow. I awoke after that, and had the moonstone from my dream in my hands.

I’m not quite sure what to make of all this. It seems clear, at least, that worship of Sehanine will need to be incorporated into my Order. But beyond that, I’m not sure what she might want. Aiding me (and therefore, us) in the quest to liberate Highmoon seems reasonable. I suppose I ought to seek out her priests and see what they have to say.

In the meantime, we are here at Fox Ridge. We found an entrance marked with the sigil of a wizard who lived some, what, 700 years ago. I think that’s what Gorstag said, at least; I was kind of drifting in and out.

Don’t, uh, tell him I said that.

Anyway, after a fight with a nasty behir, we proceeded forward. A few more encounters, and we discovered what can only be the so-called Grinding Gulf: it is a veritable maelstrom of rocks and boulders, hurling against each other. We appear to need to get to the other side, but are unclear as to how.

The Weave is incredibly thin here, so I’m not sure what is powering the Gulf; this has severely hampered Gorstag’s usefulness, and I imagine that, if we are in the correct place to stop the Rite of Unwinding, I will shortly be fairly useless, too.

So now, here we are, stopped, trying to figure out where to go next. This brief respite has, at least, given me leave to think about our strategy in the liberation of Highmoon, and I think I have devised a plan that (I hope) will be effective.

It remains my greatest fear that we will not all live through this adventure; Septimus’ near-death at the hands of the ogre in Fort Gurzoth has shaken me out of my previous complacency. I do not think I could deal with losing another company of adventurers, and friends.

Plus, if Joy dies, I have a feeling yet another sibling will come out of the woodwork to antagonize me. And, really, that is punishment enough…



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