The Adventures of The Stonelanders

Phylas' Journal XV

Further Entries from Phylas' Journal

Phylas’ Journal XV

30th of Mirtul, Second Entry

The Weave is back; it has been repaired. Magic courses through the world and in the depths of this lair we were cut off from it, in total. I wonder if this is how Septimus and Elric and Griezly feel all the time: personally, I felt naked.

We found a hidden stair down to the bottom of the Gulf, and crossed over it and back up another stair, into the lair of Alokkair, an ancient wizard. More on him anon.

We encountered a woman and her guards, emissaries from the City of Shade. I am not sure what this means, but it cannot be good. It appears they were there, assisting in the Ritual of Unwinding that was undoing the Weave. We defeated her guards, but she fled. We did manage to discover a series of secret passages that Alokkair used to traverse his domain, and we promptly discovered him shortly thereafter.

Thereafter we bumbled into a serious mistake: trusting a lich. It is my greatest fear that I will let our party down again, and we will die, and this fear was very nearly realized.

Alokkair did not appear to be lying: he spun us a story about being kept prisoner by the priests of Shar who were working the Ritual. He accompanied us to his laboratory, where the actual ritual was taking place, and as soon as we attacked the guards, he ambushed us.

Without Sylune’s kiss, I am sure all would be lost, but we managed to prevail. Nearly everyone, it seems, came close to death, but perhaps the fates and the gods were on our side, as none plunged over that precipice; for this I am eternally grateful.

It seems after we stopped the Ritual, Sylune appeared and expended her last life-energy to repair the damage that had been done to the Weave. It is a great sadness that such a noble woman should now have passed permanently from this realm, but we have dealt a heavy blow to Shar and her minions, so that is cause for celebration.

After sacking Alokkair’s lair, we made our way back down to the bottom of the Gulf. Beyond doors in one of the walls was (as we later discovered) the House of Night, a small temple-complex dedicated to Shar.

We cleared most of the complex; there were some unusual extra-planar creatures, but we dispatched them. Eventually, we entered into the main temple itself, and a brutal battle ensued. We eventually triumphed, but it was another near-run thing.

We sacked the House of Night, and burned their vestments upon their altar. Septimus very kindly loaned me his adamantine hammer again, and he let me stand on his shoulders and desecrate the statue of Shar. These are evil gods, and they must be thwarted.

I think I may have surprised the party after that; I suggested we nail the body of the high priest to the door as a warning, and I wrote, “SHAR IS UNWELCOME IN THE DALELANDS” over the door in his blood. They seemed… unsettled, perhaps, by these acts.

We are trying to incite a rebellion; the time for half-measures is over.



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