Deneal Icebriar

Ghostwise Halfling Sorcerer


Str – 12
Dex – 16
Con – 14
Int – 14
Wis – 10
Cha – 21

AC 21 = 5 (Bracers of Armor) + 3 Dex mod. + 1 size mod. + 2 Natural armor (neck). (25 with shield spell active)

Feats – Spell Focus (evocation 1 DC), Greater Spell Focus (evocation +1 DC), Combat casting, Empower Spell*, Spell Penetration (2 vs SR), Greater Spell Penetration (+2 vs SR), Elemental Focus (Cold +1 DC). * are bloodline feats.

Special Abilities – 20’ Telepathy w/ 1 target and must share language, Bloodline arcana +1 DC to cold spell saves, Cold Steel, Ice Walker, Snow Shroud, Blizzard* (Must have Robe of Arcane Heritage to use until lvl 15 Sorcerer).

Magic Items: Bag of Holding type 1, Robes of Arcane Heritage, Ring of Force Fangs, Glove of Storing, Amulet of Natural Armor (2), boots of Springing and Striding, +1 Dagger, Helm of Underwater Action, Scroll of Fireball (lvl 5), Ring of Counterspell, Bracers of Armor (5), Cloak of Resistance (2), Headband of Alluring Charisma (2) Spear of the Constellation

Physical Description -

Stands 3’6" tall (6" taller then the tallest halflings). Skin is pale with a deepening blue tinge. His eyes were brown, but are now solid blue in the middle, with the whites shrinking. Hair color was Brown but is becoming blue/white at the ends (about 3/4 blue, darker for the orginal brown near the roots getting blue in the middle and lighter at the ends) and is worn in dreadlocks. His physical stature seems to change as he progresses in power, the blues coming in different shades. This Ghostwise Halfling weighs around 75 Lbs and if not for the robes of arcane heritage (passed down in tribal succession) he would look more at home on the northern frontier. Speaks with a fairly cultured voice (for one of an obvious barbarian tribe), or telepathically.

Full name: Knight of the Golden Moon in the Order of the Constellation, Knight-Champion of Highmoon, Deneal Talig son of Rothlig Icebrair of the Icebriar tribe


((OOC – I went minor hero mode for this background and threw it together, not my best work but it ain’t 1/2 bad, hope ya like it)

Backstory for Deneal Icebriar -

In the North East of Vaasa there resides a sizable tribe of around 640 Ghostwise Halflings. Unlike their more civilized kin these halflings struggle and survive as partial nomads hunting the tundras and frozen planes of this northern wilderness. Most of the tribe is made of Barbarians, rangers, and Druids/Shaman. The tribe also has a few very rare blood lines from their ancient days, back when they made pacts with Ice Spirits and used Giants blood in rituals to the gods of war and the North.

It was to this bloodline that Talig, son of Rothlig (now named Deneal Icebriar) was born. As a child Talig loved to play with the other kids. However he was physically weaker then many of the other kids, several of whom went on to be strong warriors and hunters, leading the small folk on raids against the goblin races and orcs, or hunting down large game animals and monsters. Talig however was put with the tradesmen, and taught to make things of wood and use his mind, learning to read the scrawled history of his people and their ways.

Even though he was not a strong warrior or hunter, as Talig became older the tribes fondness for him did not diminish. His happy go lucky air was often infectious during the hard times. It was however during his early teens, while helping pack up the supplies and provisions for a long move south before the heavy snows set in that Talig became aware of his true calling.

The wind was picking up as the last of the baskets and supplies were loaded onto the aurouchs. Through the haze of snow and sleet you could barely make out the dark fur lined shapes shambling through the snow. The first scream was heard and the barbarian halfling warriors who were leading the migration to the summer camps began to run back. The women and children took up arms and began a guarded retreat into the middle of the not quite finished convoy.

The first goblins to break visibility mark rushed in, having scouted a returning hunting party and waiting for the migration to begin, trying to attack the aurouchs. But the animals fought bravely kicking and stomping the stinking green humanoids, while at the same time shaking lose and destorying the supplies so carefully loaded onto their backs. People began to scatter as crooked horrible arrows fell from the sky, maiming many Ghostwise. Just before the hunters and warriors joined the fray two goblins found Talig, with his carving knife in hand.

“Iskhaull Blargish tomeeee!”, or “drop the knife and die!”, screamed the first goblin in his native tongue, who launched a short spear directly at Taligs head. Struck with a sudden sense of dread, in an adrenline rush he had never experienced before the knife tumbled from his hand. Talig’s hands began to move of their own accord, he began mumbling in what seemed like tongues to the people nearest him. One woman screamed and suddenly…


The spear thudded on some kind of magic disc centered in front of Talig, his eyes had gone blue and the two goblins stopped mid charge to stare dumbfounded as to what they were seeing. The mumbling began again, and again, and again, as unerring darts of magical force pelted into the two goblins and they went down hard. In the next instant the spear that had almost ended his life was in Talig’s hands, a frost aura surrounding the point. He charged with the berserk warriors and hunters who had joined the fray, stabbing goblins down left and right. The battle lasted only a short while, before looting the dead, and burning the bodies of their fallen tribesmen and women. After a prayer the tribe moved on…

It was after the move that the elders came to talk to Talig. They told him what he had already expected (having read some of the ancient scrawl of the tribes history). Long ago a great hero had risen in the tribe. He had pitted his fury against a small collective of giants deep in the mountains who were harassing the tribe. To counter their might he had a group of shaman gather the blood of fallen giants and make prayers to horrible powers to infuse him and all his line with the Boreal power and raw might of the frozen wastes. He won the day with this gift and it has been passed down the generations. The hero’s name was Icebriar (also the name of the tribe), and any who show signs of his “gift” in their blood were given special trials and if passed given the last name Icebriar as a badge of honor.

The trials tested Talig not only mentally and physically, but spiritually as well. The elders had to be sure that he had the same heroic soul to be worthy enough to follow in the Icebriars foot steps as well as be a symbol of hope and pride to the tribe. The last test would prove to be the hardest. There were bandits who had been picking off stragglers during a move to the winter camps. It was Talig’s job to stop them, his final test to be accepted into the Icebrair lineage and fulfill his destiny. With only a small band of warriors Talig lead them to victory, using his growing sorcerer abilities to cut down the retreating leader of the bandits, Deneal.

At a great feast in his honor Talig received the name of his enemy, as the original Icebrair had (his name was actually Orilog) when he killed Icebriar the Stern, a Giantkind war-leader. And so Talig became Deneal Talig son of Rothlig Icebriar of the Icebrair Tribe (Deneal Icebriar for short). As a man of limited heroic standing, Deneal was allowed to travel with a band of warriors and a shaman to do trade with the few cities in and around Vaasa. During one of these travels (many years after his name day) Deneal and his band chased some drow raiders into the underdark, who had stolen some of their trade goods and an expensive relic the group had just purchased back (an item which had been stolen from them in ages past). As he went after the drow, Deneal hit a teleport circle trap first (no one followed after he disappeared), and was alone in a cave for a while, no return circle on the other end.

It was then that he was wandering up to a chasm with a chain across it, that a band of adventurers came upon him. If they are deemed trustworthy he will enlist their aid in recovering his peoples relic, and agree to help them along the way in their struggle (which sounds heroic at least).

Deneal Icebriar

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