Sir Grim

A bounty hunter not-living in Cormyr.


Level 6 Ranger
HP: 49   AC: 18

STR: 16   DEX: 17   CON: 0   INT: 10   WIS: 16   CHA: 10

FORT: 5   REF: 8    WILL: 5

  1. +1 Shocking Longsword (GASP!)
  2. +1 Cold Dead Hands

  • Perception
  • Stealth
  • Survival

  • Skill Focus: Perception
  • Endurance
  • Two Weapon Fighting
  • Quick Draw
  • Double Slice
  • Two Weapon Defense
  • Improved Two Weapon Fighting
  • Favored Enemies: 1.Human (x2) 2.Zentrum
  • Favored Terrians: 1.Urban
  • Low-Light vision
  • Track
  • Wild Empathy
  • Hunter’s Bond: Group
  • Being Swallowed Whole


He doesn’t talk about it much, but when he was a boy, Grim’s mother and father were killed by a rival merchant family. The specific motivations of the murder are muddled at best (at least to Grim, who hasn’t much taste for economics); suffice to say that greed and envy were certainly involved. Fearing for their safety, Grim and his brothers and sisters (whom are numerous) fled to the nearby forest, where they evaded their parents fate. Eventually, they never left; and came to call the forest their home. As the siblings got older, some took divergent paths out into the world, while some stayed in the woods to start families of their own, and one found a cave and went crazy. While they don’t always keep in touch (especially the latter), they still remain close.

Grim’s divergent path lead him to become a solider for a while, at which he was mostly unremarkable. But unsatisfied with the regulations and becoming bored with being mostly unremarkable, Grim left the army, and armed with only a vague sense of direction, became a semi-professional bounty hunter, at which he was moderately competent. In his early years of semi-professional bounty-hunting, Grim had a tendency to go after criminals, thugs and hatchet-men, with an ill-conceived notion of justice and revenge. But as time wore on, Grim’s idealism wore thin (and his purse wore out) and so he began bagging-and-tagging with more, pragmatism.

Fatefully, after a long week lopping off goblin heads for a handful of lions a pop, he stumbled into a situation where he met three strangers and, long story short, became a founding member of The Stonelanders Adventuring Company. Grim, who was only getting older, found the idea of distributed labor and job security rater comforting, and for a few years, it was pretty good.

At least up until he was swallowed whole by a remorhaz. Which was not comforting. The only thing they found of him was his charred skull and a magic sword he had found only weeks before his death. His passing is felt and mourned by his (numerous) brothers and sisters.

Sir Grim

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