Sir Phylas of Arabel

An oracle hailing from Suzail with a strong devotion to the Heavens.


Ability Scores

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 24


  • Augment Healing
  • Discipline (Regional)
  • Landlord
  • Leadership
  • Skill Focus: Diplomacy
  • Skill Focus: Knowledge (Religion)

Mystery: Heavens

  • Revelation: Awesome Display
  • Revelation: Lure of the Heavens
  • Revelation: Star Chart

Phylas is a young Aasimar who hails from the city of Suzail in the Kingdom of Cormyr. He stands about 5’7” and has a slender build. At first glance, he could pass for human, but his silver-white hair, as well as his eye color, hint at a celestial background in his bloodline. His eye color matches the phases of the moon; when it is full, his eyes are silver, and they gradually transition to completely blue. As it takes a full month for this transition to complete, it is not always immediately obvious, though having blue and silver eyes in the middle of phases has occasionally provoked curious stares.

Phylas is attractive, despite—or, perhaps, because of—his slightly in-human appearance. He is generally a diplomatic, charismatic person, and his demeanor and appearance have made it easier to move smoothly in society, though he has always been aware of the general unease that some have around one that might be called “plane-touched”.

Phylas was found on the steps of the Temple of Lathander in Suzail on the last night of Eleasis, in 1332 DR. The priests of the Temple brought him, and several noted that the moon seemed especially bright that night.

Over the years, Phylas stayed at and was raised in the Temple of the Morninglord, and eventually initiated into their ranks as an acolyte. He showed potential as a future priest of Lathander, as well as an aptitude and affinity for religion and the divine. Phylas’ studies were characterized, early on, by an interest in the Heavens, and this complemented well his place at a temple of the God of the Morning. Over time, however, more serious interest in astronomy and the heavens began to develop, and Phylas took an interest in the moon, the stars, and, in particular, the goddess Selune.

By the age of 16, Phylas began experiencing the call of the Oracle. Small premonitions and cryptic dreams began characterizing his waking and sleeping hours. His principle mentor at the temple, a high priest named Gerard, recognized the signs and began steering Phylas’ studies in directions more suited to an Oracle than a priest of Lathander.

By the age of 17, Phylas’ studies were going well, and were increasingly diverging from those intended for a priest of Lathander. Around this time, he got involved with a novice priest at the Temple, Danath, who was a few years older. This went well for a while, but by the time Phylas turned 18, the call of the Oracle was strong. He and Danath had a falling out, which precipitated Phylas’ departure from the Temple of Lathander.

By this point, Phylas’ interests in Lathander had been fully eclipsed by a more general interest in the Heavens writ large, and he approached his mentor, Gerard, about departing the temple. At this time, Phylas fell silent, as if struck, and proceeded to give a prophecy. When he recovered, he was unaware of what happened. Gerard did not divulge the prophecy to him, but arranged for him to depart the temple and travel west to the city of Berdusk, at the Twilight Hall.

His departure was generally well-received; though well-liked at the Temple, it was clear that his path lay elsewhere, and so the leave-taking did not incur any real bitterness, though several of the older clergy, including Gerard, who were there when Phylas was found, were sad. No bitterness, except with Danath, at least, who was upset over the sudden departure. But, with hasty apologies and goodbyes, Phylas left.

As Phylas was departing the city, Danath remarked that the young aasimari wasn’t just going to Berdusk, but was running away from his feelings. He was probably right.

Upon arriving at Berdusk, and armed with letters of introduction from Gerard, Phylas threw himself into studies of astronomy, history, and religion. It was at the Twilight Hall that Phylas was first introduced to music as a creative, instructive tool for the study of the Heavens (the so-called “Music of the Spheres”), and he began playing the harp.

Although still attractive and charismatic, Phylas did not make as many friends in Berdusk as he may have. An increasing awareness of his calling as an oracle set him apart from those that usually joined the ranks of the Harpers, and his tendency to stay up studying for long hours rather than joining the other for a flagon at the nearest inn was found, by some, to be a touch off-putting. Despite this, he maintained many amiable friendships and contacts in Berdusk, though after Danath there were no further romantic entanglements.

After about three years of study, Phylas decided to return to the Kingdom of Cormyr. Already familiar with the Kingdom’s adventuring companies, he thought that would be an excellent way to expand his powers and explore his understanding of the Heavens. Through a series of fortuitous events, he fell in with a group of adventurers defending a caravan, and they shortly thereafter were assembled as the Stonelanders.

For about two years Phylas adventured together with an unusual group: Milo, the monk, Henry, the druid, and Grim, the ranger. A series of unfortunate events resulted in the deaths of everyone in the Stonelanders aside from Phylas, and he inherited the leadership and wealth of the group.
The adventuring company’s near-total destruction was a traumatic event for Phylas, and, though new recruits have filled out the Stonelanders’ ranks once more, he remains more watchful and protective of its members than before.

Inheriting the leadership of the Stonelanders has helped turned Phylas’ mind towards other projects, and he has lately been considering founding a religious order dedicated to the study and worship of the Heavens, as well as the study and collection of prophecy. He has also recently resumed his musical studies and practice, after letting them lay dormant for some time after leaving Berdusk.

The opportunity to adventure has given Phylas the opportunity to explore and grow his powers, but he hopes that founding the Order of the Constellation will help give him the direction that adventuring cannot always provide.

Of late, Phylas has taken to recording the adventures of the Stonelanders in his journal, a log which can be found here.

Sir Phylas of Arabel

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