Half-Elf Fighter


6’ 0”, 240 lb, 25 year old Half-Elf Septimus has chin length, wavy dirty blond hair with green eyes. He is broad shouldered and muscle toned yet very dexterous. Dressed in a very dazzling polished mithril Full-Plate. A long midnight blue cape hangs over his shoulders. Many weapons hang from his belt, back and bag; most notable is a 5 ft great-sword on his back. A round rose-pink stone revolves around his head.


Septimus was raised by his Elven father and Human mother, Sextus and Gabbri Smith in the Agarond. Often his father spoke of passing the family business to Septimus but was never interested. He always rebelled against his parents, finally running away at the age 17 with no word or note explaining why. Traveling around the country seeking adventure and exploring new places he found himself in Cormyr in the company of Joy a Half-Elf Ranger, then later meeting Sir Phylas leader of The Stonelanders and joined eagerly. Septimus occasionally thinks of his parents he left many years ago. As he continues to mature and grow as a person he is ever more aware and understanding of their past actions. He sometimes regretes the way he treated them and knows one day he must make amends.


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