Adventuring Charter

Know ye all by this good and true document that these bearers, known as The Stonelanders, are granted the right and privilege to wield steel and weave spell within the territories and protectorate lands of the Crown of Cormyr. Let no War Wizard, Purple Dragon Knight, or officer of the Kingdom restrict these rights so long as this charter remains in good standing with the Throne.

The Stonelanders are expected to obey and, when called upon, to help support local magistrates in enforcing the posted laws and rules of the realm. Members of The Stonelanders are also required to wear a badge or coat of arms identifying themselves as such at all times and have this document readily on hand whenever it is called for. These rights and responsibilities shall extend to all members of The Stonelanders as listed below.

Sir Phylas of Arabel
Septimus of Aglarond
Gorstag Greycastle, Wizard of War
Harl Amendal

This charter requires an annual tax of no less than 300 golden lions of Cormyrean mint by the 15th of Highsun payable at appointed Purple Dragon Knight outposts in the realm. Any changes to the membership of The Stonelanders requires a re-issuance of this charter by an authorized King’s Herald or scribe of the realm.

Let it also be known that any untoward behavior acted against The Stonelanders shall be taken as a threat to the Crown and accepted civilized behavior as witnessed by Heralds of note and standing everywhere. Consider, and conduct thyself accordingly.

I, Westar, King’s Herald of Arabel, do witness that this charter was issued by the authority of Baron Thomdor, Warden of the Eastern Marches in Arabel, and revised on this, the 9th of Ches, 1331 years since the founding of the Obarskyr Dynasty, otherwise known as The Year of the Worm.


Adventuring Charter

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