Map of Arabel

The frontier city of Cormyr, Arabel was once an independent hold. Much later it was briefly the capital of the nameless realm ruled by Gondegal the Usurper King. It has always been a bustling waystop on the overland caravan route linking the Moonsea metal mines to the ports of Cormyr and the Sword Coast lands beyond. It’s also always been a fortress against the perils of the nearby Stonelands.

Arabel today is a booming, prosperous center of growth. Both newcomers to the realm and young Cormyreans are settling in the lands all around it, making Arabel, as the only practical place where they can hire services, ever richer and busier. It’s a city of opportunity that is still lacking many of the sophistications of Suzail but not consumers’ appetites for them.

Often referred to as the Caravan City or Overland City of Cormyr, Arabel is dominated by land transport. It is a city of trading costers, warehouses, caravan companies, wagonmakers, horse- and bullock-traders, and merchant investors. All of these are ably governed by the ex-adventuress Myrmeen Lhal, the king’s lord of Arabel. A note of warning to visitors: In most circumstances, it’s considered an insult to call Myrmeen “lady” rather than “lord.”



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