Arabel's Notable Citizens

Adolphus is a sage devoted to the study of astronomy and physical sciences. He is also expert in the identification of metals and baser minerals as well as woods and plants, especially in properties that may be useful to man. Adolphus will share his knowledge, but for high fees. He is a good friend of King Azoun, but the details of their relationship are not known.

Asgetrion the Learned is known as an expert on gorgons and has the largest collection of scrolls of protection against petrification of any one person in Cormyr. War Wizards and adventurers often call upon his knowledge when they expect to be encountering gorgons in their travels. Asgetrion does not sell his scrolls, however, but hoards them jealously.

Elmdaerle, Guildmaster of the Guild of Naturalists, is Arabel’s, and perhaps Cormyr’s, foremost expert on Cormyte forest flora and fauna. Elmdaerle is widely known as a friendly soul who can talk endlessly on any subject pertaining to botany and small woodland creatures. His most famous moment was saving a visiting noble from food poisoning by providing a botanical antidote. His Guild of Naturalists is growing stronger in Arabel, and the guild often conducts expeditions to the surrounding countryside to gather specimens for later examination.

Raynaar Marliir is the current head of the House of Marliir, the most powerful noble family in the Arabel area. Although the Marliir family commands little attention at the court in Suzail, they have extensive holdings in Arabel and especially of farmlands surrounding the city. The Marliir family has earned the respect of local citizens and has worked well with the crown’s local representatives. Raynaar has been a benevolent landlord to his tenant farmers and remains on good terms with all but a few of the more exploitive merchant companies.

Doust Sulwood, Knight of Myth Drannor, is an adventurer who has decided to take a break from the dangerous career and has chosen to live in Arabel. His membership in the Knights of Myth Drannor has earned him a formidable reputation. There’s some speculation as to why he’s suspended his adventuring career to relax in Arabel. Some folks say that Doust is not relaxing, but waiting for some particular event to occur, and that event will happen in Arabel. Doust denies this but is constantly hounded for information about this mysterious rumored event. Others say Doust is conducting good deeds anonymously for reasons of his own.

Doust’s wife is interesting in her own right. She is Islif Lurelake, former captain of Shadowdale’s militia. Islif, who is tall and broad-shouldered, distinguished herself in battles with Zhentil Keep and Scardale. She has retired, at least temporarily, to raise their son, Jhaok Sulwood.


Arabel's Notable Citizens

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