Arabel's Religion

The most powerful religious organization in Arabel is the temple that worships Tymora: Lady’s House. Leading the order is Darmos Lauthyr, who has 24 priests under him and more than 300 followers. A popular figure in Arabel who is strongly connected to the order is Doust Sulwood, a former Lord of Shadowdale.

Darmos is quite outspoken as an advocate of himself and his order. He has become increasingly demanding of recognition by Arabel officials and by King Azoun, from whom he demands a barony. Also, among the temples to Tymora, he feels his temple, Lady’s House, should be revered as the most important and sacred temple in the order. These tirades have not won him many friends in either the order or Arabel.

The most outrageous thing he has done lately is to double the temple’s fees. Loyal followers are willing to pay his fees, but there is talk on the streets about efforts of some to find a new priest for Lady’s House and efforts to start another temple to Tymora just outside Arabel.

Arabel also has shrines to Chauntea, Deneir, Helm, Lliira, Milil, and Tempus.


Arabel's Religion

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