Arabel's Security

Myrmeen Lhal is the popular and efficient Lord of Arabel. She envisions her task as creating and maintaining a secure environment for business. She has done her job well.

Westar, Herald of Arabel, assists Myrmeen Lhal and has hundreds of assorted duties to perform as well. Westar has a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. He is also well known for the quirk of never performing a duty on the first of the month. The reason for this unusual behavior is unknown as he has been very tight-lipped about the subject, but his exemplary work throughout the rest of the month has earned him this eccentricity.

Heading the Purple Dragon garrison is Baron Thomdor, the king’s cousin and Warden of the Eastern Marches, Thomdor is a tough and fair leader of the militia. Assisting him is Dutharr, who is in effect the chief of police in Arabel. The two warriors have a good relationship and work very well together, though Dutharr prefers to interact with Thomdor rather than Lhal because of a slight personality conflict between them.

Existing alongside the local militia is a force of mercenaries known as the Red Ravens, based in Arabel. The Ravens are a mercenary company possessed of a long history in Cormyr and a good relationship with Baron Thomdor and Myrmeen Lhal. Their primary objective in recent times has been to clear the Stonelands of potential threats to Cormyte citizens. This contract is sponsored by King Azoun, but he often leaves administration of the contract to Myrmeen Lhal. Thus far, the Red Ravens have been successful, but their numbers (between 100 and 300 depending upon circumstances) prevent them from fulfilling their contract quickly. The leader of the Ravens is Rayanna Rose. She keeps the Ravens in good standing with Arabel and the king.


Arabel's Security

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