Arabel's Society

Inns and taverns dominate Arabel’s social scene. Because of the large number of adventurers and transients in Arabel at all times, the city has a great number and great variety of inns and taverns.

The most prestigious inn is the Pride of Arabel, which is also the most expensive and a favored spot of the city’s elite. A meal at the Pride will yield contact with important people in the ruling councils and the powerful leaders of the trading companies.

Other quality inns only a notch below the Pride of Arabel are Elfskull Inn, Falcon’s Rest, and the Weary Knight.

However, the most popular of all inns is the World Serpent, known locally sometimes as the Wild Goose. Despite its shabbiness, the World Serpent’s reputation for strange occurrences stretches well beyond Arabel’s fortifications and therefore draws in many visitors to the city. Other inns of comparable quality include Blue Mace, High Moon Inn, Nine Fires, and Swinging Gate.

For those of lesser means, there are the Night Wolf Inn, Old Warrior, Tired Traveler, Traveler’s Banner, Watchful Lynx, and Wayscross Inn.

Budget hostels include the Murdered Manticore, Orange Banner Inn, Red Stirge, Scarlet Spear, and Whistling Wheel. Inns better off avoided include the Eastwatch Inn, Irriphar’s Inn, Roll Roast, and Three Bars.

Just as Arabel’s transient population supports a large number and variety of inns, the city also has an abundance of taverns. The tavern most frequented by local residents is the Dancing Dragon, the center of Arabel’s nightlife. The most popular event of the inn is a monthly costume dance. Many stories of intrigue revolve around those who appear at the dance, for it has long been rumored that the city’s nobles and elite arrive in costumes designed to mask their identities. Fueling these rumor mills is the fact that no one is required to unmask during or after the dance.

Arabel has dozens of other taverns, the most popular of which are the Bent Bow, Black Barrel, Black Mask, Burning Blade, Coiled Whip, Dancing Dracolisk, Ivory Jack, Lame Camel, Lazy Lizard, Red Sword, Silver Tankard, Smoky Skull, Soldiers Boots, Striking Snake, Two-Headed Lion, and the Wink and the Kiss.

In addition to the inns and taverns, Arabel’s Baths are a popular gathering place. The Baths and related facilities, including a gym and a full complement of barbers and other services for personal grooming, are luxuriant in their appointments and relaxing in style.


Arabel's Society

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