Aumrys Staff of the Night

This staff is made of twisted iron topped with a large claw holding a halved geode with iridescent violet crystals. When the summoning power of the staff is used, the crystals glow, causing nearby light sources to dim visibly, and shoot a beam of tangible darkness which strikes the earth. In this beam, a shadow demon appears.

This staff allows the use of the following spells:
  • Darkness (1 charge)
  • Darkvision (1 charge)
  • Dispel Magic (only works against light spells) (1 charge)
  • Low-light Vision (1 charge)
  • Summon Monster VI (summons a shadow demon once every tenday) (2 charges)

If the summoned shadow demon is slain, the staff crumbles to dust.


Aumrys Staff of the Night

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