Character Generation

This game is being run using the Pathfinder RPG rules. Information on these rules can be found here:

Character stats will be generated using a 25 pt. point buy system as outlined in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, and as listed below.

Ability Score Point Value Ability Score Point Value
7 -4 13 3
8 -2 14 5
9 -1 15 7
10 0 16 10
11 1 17 13
12 2 18 17

This game requires that the party be in the top two-thirds of the alignment grid. No evil characters without clearing them through me first (and it’s going to be a hard sell).

Any Class from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook or from the Advanced Player’s Guide will be allowed. In addition any appropriate Prestige Class from a Pathfinder rulebook or from a 3.5 Forgotten Realms sourcebook will be allowed.

Many of the core races of the Forgotten Realms have been divided into sub-races. Click on the links below for information on allowed races and sub-races. Any exceptions need to be cleared by me, but as a general rule, no race with either racial hit dice and/or a level adjustment will be allowed.

Dwarves Halflings
Elves Humans
Gnomes Planetouched
Half Humans

Each character will have a Home Region, chosen at character creation that will determine bonus languages, grant a bonus feat, and a free piece of equipment. In addition, all characters will start with Chondathan (the language used in Cormyr) as a bonus language if he/she does not already have it.

The Knowledge(Local) skill requires that you pick an area of expertise (eg. Arabel, Tilver’s Gap, The Stonelands, or Haddock Forest).

Each player will have 9,000 GP to use to equip their character. No single item can cost more than 2,000 GP. Each player will also get one bonus magical item, selected randomly (drawn from a deck of cards).

Characters are starting at 5th level.


Character Generation

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