Flagon of Dragons

This large, silver vessel never tarnishes, and bears no device (scratches and painted or chalked marks will fade and disappear in 2d8 rounds). A stoppered flagon is always heavy, and if shaken, a
liquid sloshing noise is heard from within. When it is opened, a single dragon breath weapon attack will issue forth from its neck, such attacks being determined at random and not at the choice of the flagon wielder.

Once such a flagon has been unstoppered, an attack is launched immediately, regardless of the flagon-bearer’s wishes, and after that attack has occurred, directed outwards from the flagon’s throat whether targets are present are not, nothing more occurs until the flagon is stoppered for 2d4 rounds, and then unstoppered again. Stoppering or unstoppering is a standard action.

The flagon appears to be empty; nothing amiss occurs if weapons, etc. are poked into it. It can even carry liquid without harm; but if it is stoppered, the liquid vanishes and a breath weapon
attack emerges when the flagon is next opened.


Former GM Only Section
d100 Dragon Type Effect
1-4 Amethyst 60’ line of force, Reflex DC 18, 6d8 sonic (20% chance non-lethal)
5-9 Black 60’ line of acid, Reflex DC 17, 6d6 acid
10-14 Blue 80’ line of lightning, Reflex DC 18, 6d8 electric
15-19 Brass 30’ cone of gas, Will DC 17, sleep for 1d6+3 rounds
20-24 Bronze 40’ cone of gas, Will DC 18, repulsed for 1d6+3 rounds
25-28 Brown 60’ line of acid, Reflex DC 19, 6d6 acid
29-33 Copper 30’ cone of gas, Fort DC 17, slowed for 1d6+3 rounds
34-37 Crystal 40’ cone of light, Reflex DC 17, 6d6 fire and blinded for 1d4 rounds
38-42 Deep 30’ cone of gas, Reflex DC 18, 6d8 acid
43-46 Emerald 30’ cone of energy, Reflex DC 18, 6d6 sonic and deafened for 1d4+3 rounds (Fort negates)
47-51 Gold 40’ cone of gas, Fort DC 20, 3 Str damage (Will half)
52-56 Green 40’ cone of gas, Reflex DC 17, 6d6 acid
57-60 Mercury 60’ line of light, Reflex DC 16, 3d8 fire
61-64 Mist 60’ line of slime, Fort DC 16, sickened for 1d6+3 rounds
65-69 Red 40’ cone of fire, Reflex DC 19, 6d10 fire
70-73 Sapphire 30’ cone of energy, Reflex DC 17, 6d8 sonic and panicked for 1d4 rounds (Will negates)
74-77 Shadow 30’ cone of shadows, Fort DC 18, 1 negative level
78-82 Silver 40’ cone of gas, Fort DC 18, paralysis for 1d6+3 rounds
83-87 Song 40’ cone of gas, Reflex DC 17, 6d6 electric
88-91 Steel 40’ cone of poison, Fort DC 17, 3 Con damage, 2 saves
92-95 Topaz 30’ cone blast, Reflex DC 18, 6d8 damage and evaporates 3d8 ft³ of water
96-100 White 30’ cone of cold, Reflex DC 16, 6d4 cold

Flagon of Dragons

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