History of The Stonelanders

The Stonelanders adventuring company was formed on the 15th day of Eleasias, not long after the Midsummer festival, in the year 1354, more commonly known as The Year of the Bow.

It all started on a sunny, Summertide day. Sir Grim was going about his business hunting down orcs and goblins in the Stonelands under commission by the Purple Dragon garrison in Halfhap. Henry was returning from his travels in the northern countries and had joined up with a trade caravan traveling through the Stonelands along with Sir Phylas of Arabel who was returning from time spent studying at the Twilight Hall in Berdusk. Milo was exploring the area after having heard rumors of a mighty warrior among the goblinoid tribes of the Stonelands.

Milo and Grim came upon the caravan within moments of each other, drawn by the sounds of battle. Phylas and Henry, shouting at each other in some unknown language, were holding off a orcish raiding party, along with the two surviving members of the trade caravan’s guard. Milo and Grim quickly joined the fray and after a long and arduous battle, they were eventually able to drive back the orcs and slay their leader.

The owner of the caravan, one Gwendolyn Bhela, offered to hire Milo and Grim to help guard them as they continued east towards Arabel. They were more than willing to lend their assistance.

Upon reaching Halfhap, our rag-tag group of adventurers discovered that they had unwittingly killed Gruzz-ukgar, the self-proclaimed King of the Stonelands, an orc who has been harassing travelers in the area for several years. By the time they reached Arabel, word had begun to spread about their heroic deeds and they were eventually summoned by Baron Thomdar to be suitably rewarded.

When asked what they would like, they simply requested an adventuring charter, which Baron Thomdar was more than willing to issue to them.

It has been two years since then, and The Stonelanders continue their adventures as documented by Sir Phylas.


History of The Stonelanders

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