This magnificently decorated blade, adorned with bright gems and gold and platinum trim, is a mischievously intelligent +3 short sword. Imp claims he came into the possession of the sage Adzerak about 300 years ago. He is known to have the ability to drain the health of those he cuts into whomever holds the blade, find gemstones and invisible objects withing a short range, and dispel tangible magical effects. He brags of being able to perform much greater feats, but so far has yet to back up his boasting with actual deeds.


Former GM Only Section

CN +3 Short Sword
Int 15
Wis 10
Cha 12
Ego 15

Languages: Ogre, Troll, Hill Giant, Common

Imp has the following powers:

  • Speech, Darkvision (60’), See invisible (10’)
  • Dispel Magic 1/day (CL 9th, tangible spell effects only)
  • Heals its wielder’s wounds, repairing the PCs damage equal to half the hit points of damage that it inflicts on an enemy in any particular round
  • Can detect any gems, along with their kind and number, within a 5’ radius

Imp lives up to its name well. If it takes over its wielder, it will compel the owner to destroy any other weapons he owns. The sword will also mouth off to any beings of obvious lawful alignment, good or evil; paladins of Tyr and priests of Bane are good examples. If Imp controls its wielder, the sword considers itself the dominant partner in the relationship and, to prove its power, will command the wielder to do embarrassing pet tricks. The sword is opinionated, and will sound off even if sheathed, unless the wielder is in control and bids the weapon to remain silent.


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