This family is quite old in Cormyte history but for a number of reasons has never ascended to the top.

Silverswords frequently hold important positions (despite the efforts of the Emmarask familt) but always seem to fall short of latching onto true Cormyr-shaping power.

In recent times, many family members have gone adventuring in Cormyr and in foreign lands, a practice that has lowered the Silverswords in the eyes of some other noble families.

Of all the members of this family who have gone away, only Narlan Silversword has disappeared without a trace, purportedly on a mission into Myth Drannor. He was last seen in Tilverton. What happened to him, or whether he even made it to the ruins, is a mystery.

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Milo of Croton (played by Chris) is the son of Narlan Silversword.

On his way to Myth Drannor, Narlan and his band were set upon by a band of Thayan Slavers, led by the Red Wizard Sarthek the Crimson-Souled. He and the two surviving members of his band, one of which, Soriah, was carrying his child, were then smuggled through Sembia for transport to Thay. Milo was born while awaiting transport in a Sembian port and named Helm Silversword.

During a stop over in Cimbar on the way to Bezantur, He, Soriah, and young Helm Silversword escaped with a small handful of other slaves. Ultimately, they were tracked down by Sarthek a year later and he ordered them slain.

Only Narlan’s mother, Kerri Silversword, knew of the pregnancy before Helm’s birth. Once freed from the slavers, Narlan managed to send a message to his family seeking aid and notifying them of Helm’s birth, but Narlan’s younger sister, Miri Huntcrown (married to Darvin Huntcrown), intercepted the sending and, to secure her position as the eldest in the family, decided not to relay it.

Milo’s physical resemblance to his father is uncanny, and to anyone who personally knew Narlan will see the similarities despite the large scar on Milo’s face. Any contact with Kerri, Miri, or Darvin will begin the unveiling of Milo’s mysterious background.


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