The Harrowing Chapter One

Role Cards
JasonThe Tyrant – Phylas will receive a vision of the group making a frontal assault on Nicos’ stronghold. Katernin will push for them to find an alternate entrance and will not back down. She is skeptical of Phylas’ powers as a seer, saying that prophecies are not always what they seem.
MarkThe Marriage – This represents Henry’s dual nature. As a part of the natural world, he treasures and protects forests and natural areas. As a part of the civilized world, he delights in society and order. There are times that the two conflict and it is up to Mark’s character to reconcile them. As much as he may want it, his calling is permanent.
MattThe Twin – Grim is driven by a desire for wealth and glory, but actions taken in the pursuit of these worldly desires often conflict with what is good or right. In the wyvern’s lair, he will be offered the chance to betray his friends and aid the wyvern. Treasures and fame are promised to him if he does so.
ChrisThe Theater – Milo is destined to be the one to face off with Nicos, his cousin, and make the decision whether or not to kill him.

The Spread
The Past
The Teamster (Partial match) – The relentless force is the Zhentarim. This card foreshadows Glar’s manipulations of the entire ordeal.

The Present
The Trumpet and The Courtesan (No matches) – These cards represent Katernin Orcslayer. The party’s ability to get along with this pushy, man-hating, know-it-all will determine the adventure’s success. They need her and her troops, but they also need to get her to listen to their ideas.

The Future
The Rakshasa (Opposite match) and The Demon’s Lantern (Partial match) – The enslaved is Nicos. His real name is Mair Huntcrown, son of Miri Huntcrown, and was kidnapped as a young child 14 years ago by Glar and brainwashed into thinking that he is Nicos, the son of Gondegal. The trap is if the party kills him instead of capturing him, when the Huntcrowns discover the fate of young Mair, it will cause a great deal of hostility toward The Stonelanders. Things are not always what they seem.


The Harrowing Chapter One

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