The Noble Families

Of the original line of the noble ruling family of Cormyr, there remain only King Azoun IV, his two daughters, and his third cousins, Duke Bhereu and his brother Thomdor. The king shares his steely determination with these two men. They are burly, mustachioed fellows to whom sword, armor, and the saddle are familiar things.

Bhereu is lord high marshal of the kingdom, commander of the Purple Dragons, and a hardened soldier. His loyalty to the crown can’t be shaken even by magic (wizards have tried).

When Cormyr is at peace, he travels frequently between High Horn, Castle Crag, and the Citadel in Suzail, keeping his troops alert and content. Nothing escapes his calm, level, gray eyes when he rides.

Thomdor sits at the Royal Court, overseeing the collection of taxes from the major cities in Cormyr. Thomdor seems to enjoy working with numbers and is a good manager who exercises his authority as it was intended.

A constant irritant to Thomdor is Sarp Redbeard, the local lord of Wheloon. Redbeard´s records on the number of people living within his domain are notoriously vague. Accordingly, the amount of taxes Redbeard pays to the crown fluctuates.

Following are a few of Cormyr´s important figures, people who plays a part in governing the nation.


There are many noble families in Cormyr. Following are brief descriptions of the most important ones.

Bleth Hawklin Rowanmantle
Cormaeril Huntcrown Silversword
Crownsilver Huntsilver Truesilver
Dauntinghorn Illance Wyvernspur
Emmarask Marliir

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The Noble Families

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