The Royal Family

King Azoun IV is the son of Rhigaerd II and Tanalusta Truesilver, both of whom are dead. He was born in 1307 DR, five years after his sister Sulesta, who is also now deceased.

Azoun blends a commoner´s appearance with a regal demeanor. A stocky man with graying brown hair and a full beard, Azoun has a quick wit and ready smile, with a chuckle never far from his lips. Despite this appearance, Azoun is careful and practical in his rulership, and his expensive tastes could only have been cultivated on a royal income.

Azoun is rarely alone, often being found in the company of one of his close advisers and almost always in the presence of his personal bodyguard, six well-trained fighters.

The king´s most prized possessions are his extensive collection of magical swords and the magical items that he carries, including rings and bracers that provide immunity from attack. He is also reputed to have a spell to teleport himself when in grave danger.

Azoun´s queen is Filfaeril Selazair, who is four years younger than he. They have had three children: Foril, the son who died at the age of 2, and two daughters: Tanalasta, born in 1334, and Alusair Nacacia a year later.

A person who is not a blood relative but is practically a member of the family is Vangerdahast, the King´s Royal Magician and leader of the Council of Mages. The two are very close, and the king does not make a decision without consulting his mage. Vangerdahast is loyal to both Azoun and Cormyr. Vangerdahast raised Azoun and has tutored both of his daughters.

At the start of his reign, Azoun had abandoned the practice of journeying through his kingdom in disguise-something he had done throughout his youth as a member of an adventuring band known as the King´s Men. The campaign to defeat Gondegal made the king realize that he had become distanced from his subjects, and when the campaign ended, Azoun resumed his secret forays into towns and villages of Cormyr.

Because of these excursions, Azoun knows his subjects fat better than most rulers in Faerûn.

He is sensitive to their needs and concerns and will often mold state policy to correct ills he discovers on these jaunts. Azoun is determined to make Cormyr the safest and most peaceful kingdom possible.

There are rumors throughout the Royal Court about how the king is making these trips past the city walls and into the countryside.

As a ruler, the king has been very capable-especially since the Gondegal incident.

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The Royal Family

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