The Spellbook of Daimos

This tome bears not title or inscription, and is fashioned of fine, heavy parchment pages sewn to a waxed cord binding, which is stretched and nailed to an oaken spine, to which in turn are bolted covers of fine bronze, the whole covered with stretched silver dragonscale. The Spellbook weighs heavily and is three hand-lengths broad and four in height. It is a thick as two fingers, bearing within thirty-six pages. A permanent magic mouth has been cast upon it; whenever the tome is first touched by any (and every) creature, the mouth will appear on the front cover, and a cold, level male voice will speak in Common: “Put me down, or die.” There are presently no magical safeguards on the volume to back up this threat, however. The book shows no signs of age or ill use. Just inside the front cover is a note, in Common, that says simply, I have no further use for this or other things of this world. You are my most able apprentice, so it is yours. Use the Shout only in last resort. Daimos.

The last three of the Spellbook’s fourty-eight pages are blank, but all others bear the following magical spells:

1 – identify, magic missile, summon monster I
2 – invisibility, levitate, web, summon monster II
3 – fireball, slow, suggestion, blink, summon monster III, beast shape I
4 – confusion, fear, fire trap, animate dead, summon monster IV, elemental body I
5 – cloudkill, feeblemind, shroud of flame, watchware, summon monster V, plant shape I
6 – antimagic field, disintegrate, geas/quest, globe of invulnerability, repulsion, summon monster VI, form of the dragon I
7 – grasping hand, duo-dimension, summon monster VII, giant form I
8 – power word stun, greater shout, incendiary cloud, mind blank, summon monster VIII
9 – astral projection, gate, imprisonment, shapechange


The Spellbook of Daimos

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