The Warblade

The blade of this longsword shines like polished silver, remaining perfectly reflective no matter what punishments it endures. Blue and silver flames lick incessantly along the blade, quillions, and pommel, and they harmlessly surround the wielder’s hands whenever the blade is drawn. At the seat of the blade is an Elven rune meaning “weapon,” which is commonly used as a sword mark.

One of the legendary Elfblades of Cormanthyr, Ary’Velahr’Kerym, more commonly known as the Warblade, was forged thousands of years ago for the arms major of Cormathyr. Due to the blade’s unique nature, anyone wishing to use the blade in combat must prove themselves by grasping the hilt and drawing the blade to attempt to bond with the weapon. The Warblade has been known to slay those deemed unworthy.

Once bonded, the sword functions as a +4 holy keen longsword, slows the aging process of the wielder, and the wielder can summon the blade to his or her hand as a free action as long as the blade is somewhere on the same plane. In addition the bearer of the Warblade can use the following abilities (CL 25):

  • Detect Good (at will)
  • Detect Evil (at will)
  • Bull’s Strength (3/day)
  • Blade Barrier (1/day)


The Warblade

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