Standing on the snow-covered cliff side, gazing down into the wyvern’s lair, you feel an icy breeze catch your fur-lined coat, sending snow and ice swirling around you. Your memory drifts back to the events of another snowy day. The one that led you to this frozen summit…

Knocking the snow off your boots at the door, you look around the shop. This large room is lavishly decorated with thick, tasseled rugs, polish shelves and display cases of a dark red polished wood, and several well dressed dark haired women are tending the shop. What appear to be orbs of pure blue fire hang from fine silver chains attached to the ceiling’s cross boards light the room. The shelves themselves are packed with an amazing assortment of odds and ends from many far-off lands.

A beautiful, dusky skinned young woman approaches you as you stand at the door.

“Welcome to Elhazir’s Exotica. My name is Chantra. Is there anything I can help you acquire this fine mid-winter’s day? You won’t find a better assortment of rare and unusual trade goods anywhere in the city.”

You hand her the flier you collected from the notice board at The Dancing Dragon the night before.

“Ah,” she exclaims. “You’ll want to talk to my father about that. Follow me, I’ll take you to him.” She turns her head and shouts, “Myrele! Can you take care of greeting for me for a bit?”

Without even waiting for a reply, she leads leads you through the shop to a small room in the back.

“Wait here, I’m sure my father will be with you shortly.”

After a few minutes, a short dark haired man dressed in a fine purple robe enters the room and quickly takes your hand in greeting.

“Well met, my friend! I understand you are here about the flier I had posted the other day. Let up cut to the chase. There is a certain Sembian merchant who is an especially important client of mine and he has commissioned a rather, unusual piece of furniture from me and in order to finish it I am in need of a wyvern’s skull.

“Before you say anything, know that I am not about to ask you to go off on some wild goose chase. I’ve heard rumors of a wyvern living in the eastern reaches of the Storm Horns, not too far from the ruins of old Castle Kilgrave. Evidently he-or is it a she? Regardless, it has been making a bit of a nuisance of itself.” Elhazir fingers the large gemstone hanging from his necklace and smiles up at you, "If you could bring me its skull, I’ll make it very worth your while…"

Cursing the day that you agreed to take on that stlarning calishite’s request, you adjust your coat and prepare yourself as you head down into the dark caverns below.

* * *

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